Kapa d.o.o. about us

Kapa d.o.o. was established in 2007. Our main services are agriculture and packing and we provide that services since 1997. The company is based in Karlovac Croatia
Our main products are Christmas wheat and colors for cakes and pastries.
Also packed colors for Ester eggs, catering sugar, seed production, popcorn, all kinds of powder, grain and other products. We can also provide packing service in boxes, bags and bottles.
We have provided packing services for customers from almost all Croatia, and we are also do exporting of our products and services to customers in Europe union. Our goal is to merge packing directly to agriculture, and soon we are planing to pack some new agricultural organic products. Kapa d.o.o. is the combination of agriculture and packaging.

Our main partners are

Bakmaz, DM, Gavranović, Kaufland, NTL, Pekarne Klara, Pemo, Plodine, Sonik, SPAR, VICTA and others..

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